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DBA Prime Properties does not represent any landlords, institutional owners or developers, thereby eliminating any conflict of interest inherent with most brokerage firms. Since we are not a volume based brokerage firm, we provide commercial real estate services to our clients that are second to none in the industry.  So there’s no conflict of interest, our number one priority is helping you find the right space with the best economic terms and conditions. Our allegiance is strictly to the user of real estate which explains why our aggressive negotiating strategies will significantly benefit our client’s financial position.

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Darren’s areas of expertise include: lease negotiations, build-to-suits, restructures, sale/leasebacks and project management. Darren’s service based mind set provides clients with the peace of mind that long-term strategies and solutions will be based on unparalleled operational and financial investigation. In the past 5 years Darren has negotiated over 176,000 square feet of office space consisting of approximately 113 different leases.

Commission: The Landlord pay’s our Fee!  Our fees are calculated as a percentage of gross rents paid over the term of the lease and are paid by the landlord and duly noted in the lease or purchase document.

Why you need DBA Prime Properties!

Some business owners might think the added expense of hiring somebody for research unnecessary, but there are advantages to engaging the services of a tenant rep.

Time- An exclusive tenant representative takes the responsibility of searching for potential new locations and compiling comparison costs of offices and other facilities. The amount of time spent away from the business while research on commercial real estate is conducted can be costly. This way, the business owner can concentrate on maintaining the success of his company.

Advocacy- If the transaction does not move, a tenant rep may be helpful in lease negotiations, inspecting the property for damage and repair, and with other tasks. The tenant rep's goal is to make sure that work flow remains uninterrupted.

Unbiased Results- The goal of the tenant rep is the complete satisfaction of the business person, not the landlord. A reputable tenant rep will offer sound advice without any conflicts of interest. In situations where relocation is a must, a tenant rep can provide detailed analyses of commercial property, leases, and other considerations with an unbiased eye.

Before you think about moving your business, think about whom to hire to help you get fair answers and fast results. An exclusive tenant representative can save you the aggravation that often happens when a business owner needs to negotiate a lease.

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Explore the Value of Timeshare

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Timeshare = Vacation ownership with flexibility and freedom!

Timeshare Ownership has become one of the most popular ways to vacation & travel all over the world.

Once you own a timeshare, the vacation choices are endless.

If you like golf vacations, beach vacations, ski vacations or any other kind of travel or vacation, it’s time to consider the numerous benefits and incredible flexibility that timeshare ownership offers.

Timeshare ownership takes the hassle out of second home ownership. You purchase your future vacations at today’s prices and for just the time you need.

Imagine taking your family on a dream vacation to a tropical island while stretching out in a two-bedroom condo. Now imagine traveling with your best friends on a golfing trip to Ireland or Scotland while staying in a medieval castle. A timeshare can make it happen. You can tailor vacations to meet your lifestyle needs and travel dreams. Today over 9,100,000 timeshare owners now have access to over 5,400 resorts in almost 95 countries. That's a lot of choices and it's one of the reasons why timeshares have become so popular.

Why you should Consider Buying a Timeshare.

Spacious, high-quality accommodations

Truly a home away from home, the elevated quality of accommodations offered at timeshare resorts typically include:

  • Spacious floor plans and home-like amenities, compared with traditional hospitality accommodations
  • Flexibility and space, from studio units to spacious three or four bedroom villas
  • Fully equipped kitchen with dining area, washer/dryer, stereo, televisions, cable TV, DVD players/VCRs; and more.

Timeshare resort amenities often include:

  • Swimming pools, tennis courts, jacuzzi, spa and fitness facilities
  • Golf, boating, skiing, water sports, and amusement and theme parks on-site or nearby
  • Planned children’s activities.

Timeshare is redefining leisure Travel!

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